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By the end of 2020 Peru would have the 5G technology

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The 5G technology will mark a new milestone in connectivity. Among the innovations are expected cars without driver, Connected Health System, Smart Cities.

At the end of 2020 Peru would have the fifth generation mobile phone network (5G), said the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC).
More speed.

The 5G technology is compared to a Fourth Industrial Revolution, “a change of total mentality, not only means more speed,” the official said.

He commented that at the World Congress of the International Telecommunication Union to be held in November of this year in Egypt, it will define which bands will be used for connection to the 5G mobile network, and the consensus assured is that it will be the 3.5 G. Aguilar band highlighted that Peru has that band.

Peru has 200 megahertz allocated as its bandwidth but that it is divided among four companies. For 5G technology to start operating in the country, it takes another 100 megaherz.

The team (from the Ministry) Works and will soon identify 200 more megahertz, in band 3.5, looking for next year to have the 5G at der point technology used by the population

The MTC representative added that the identification of the spectrum required for the 5G band will be completed between June and July. With this information, the operating companies will fight for the Spectra available through a public tender.

The identification of if there is more spectrum available will be between this and the next month, with which we think the first quarter of next year to launch the public competition.

5G improvements

The second major improvement, in addition to the higher speed, consists in a reduction of latency, that is, the response time of the network from the instruction to a device until it reacts. Improvements to the 4G network have reduced that time to 30 milliseconds, but the 5G will take you around 1 to 5 milliseconds, practically in real time.

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