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SBE at a Glance

SBE, Inc. architects and provides IP-based network communications solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across a variety of sectors within the embedded and enterprise markets. Headquartered in San Ramon, California, SBE has been designing and marketing networking solutions since 1983. SBE is a publicly traded company offering its common stock on the Nasdaq Smallcap Market under the symbol SBEI.

SBE’s July 2005 acquisition of PyX Technologies, an iSCSI software pioneer, demonstrated the company’s continued commitment to leadership in innovative IP Storage technologies.

Competitive Advantage

SBE prides itself on developing pioneering technologies that add measurable, long-term value for its customers. SBE positions itself as an extension of its customers’ engineering teams, focusing on satisfying their price/performance and time-to-market challenges through product innovation, technological expertise, and comprehensive support.

Markets and Applications

Over the past several years we have witnessed a proliferation of new applications in the networking market relating to IP-based technologies. Businesses are placing a heavy emphasis on cost-effective, feature-rich, highly configurable, standards-based solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into their systems. As the way we do business continues to change and evolve in the face of new challenges, networking infrastructure must change and evolve to accommodate current business needs. IP technologies, such as iSCSI, have been touted by many as being “disruptive” technologies that will not only create new industries, but will also change the way of life across the globe. IP networking solutions address the expansion of the virtual workforce, globalization, explosive growth of communications traffic, and the increased need for business agility by breaking down distance barriers and enabling new ways to share information and collaborate in a global business environment. Consequently, these new solutions help businesses gain a competitive edge with improved productivity and communication.

Technology OEMs today are demanding cost-effective, configurable, and standards-based solutions from their design partners that can be easily integrated into new products.  By offering a diverse range of network interface hardware and software that is both robust and flexible, SBE has become a vendor of choice in many vertical and horizontal markets. Catering to both the embedded and IP storage markets, SBE solutions have been integrated into a multitude of applications worldwide, including VPNs, remote access devices, data/voice convergence, voice conferencing, wireless networks, routers, satellite communications, IP SANs, mission critical data centers, and much more.

Commitment to Quality

SBE has been an ISO certified supplier of communications products since 1991. In December 2001, the company achieved certification to the internationally recognized ISO9001: 2000 Standard. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality, SBE is regularly inspected by BVQI. These audits ensure that SBE’s internal quality system meets internationally recognized quality management systems standards. We believe that our customer’s success depends on the delivery of high-quality products and services. SBE’s adherence to ISO standards and resulting quality practices is our way of guaranteeing that customer expectations are met and exceeded.

Network Communications Products

SBE delivers a product portfolio comprised of standards-based hardware and software solutions, including IP SAN Director Software Suite, WAN/LAN interface cards, and intelligent communication controllers. The scalability and modularity of our products offers the flexibility to develop solutions for unique customer applications. Recognizing the importance of Linux years ago, SBE has become one of the few companies offering Linux on every board…delivering the ultimate in “flexibility on demand.”