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Create Authority in science and technology to avoid functioning by personalities

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This vision, publicly presented by the National Secretary of Science and Technology, Eduardo Manta, was reaffirmed by Rafael Radi, president of the National Academy of Sciences.

Radi also confirmed that the draft law on the creation of the National Secretariat for Science and technology was intended to fulfil this function but that this aspect disappeared from the law when it was adopted.

“It is true that in the absence of clear directives, the successive boards, some important political decisions were made without mediating a particular agreement or a vision from the politics of the executive branch so clear. What the scientific community has mostly claimed in recent years is that the implementing body is not the same as the policy-making body.

The scientist recalled that in the drafts of the law it was established that the Secretariat of Science and technology would have a hierarchical role over the ANII.

“That in the final law was not and is part of what needs to be built for the future. It is necessary to define well if the Secretariat of Science and technology becomes a kind of transmission belt of the interministerial cabinet of productive transformation and competitiveness, then the hierarchy will have it through the Secretariat. And that would have to be so,” he said.

According to Radi, this situation that should be raised is not the reality of recent years in which the ANII has functioned without clear directives from the Executive Branch, both in the period of José Mujica’s government and in the current one (period that coincides with the stagnation of the budget for science, technology and innovation).

For practical purposes ANII in the absence of directives took for itself the generation of policies and their implementation. Let’s say the direct head of the agency practically didn’t exist because that Cabinet didn’t work, he said.

Radi said the situation could improve if the role of the Secretariat for Science and technology was strengthened. He also acknowledged that the debate on the issue between actors in the scientific community and institutionality has been riocious in recent years, but called for overcoming those confrontations.

The transmission belt ” is the part of the design to be refined. But it must be done with joy, solidarity, fraternity. Not hayu that anger. We have nuances, how much more so to basic science, fundamental science, innovation or technology. Today that discussion is perimed in the world. Let’s lower decibels a little, there are no Supermen here,” he said.

A country cannot function according to personalities.

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