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How does technology influence you when choosing a hotel?

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The Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero has published a report that analyzes the perception of clients in the sector. We’re surrounded by technology and we use it every day. And when we travel, we also take it into account.

Hotels are having to adapt to the continuous technological innovations that appear. But it is also true that they must do so in line with the customers, both in the novelties they claim and in the classic services they continue to value. This is one of the conclusions that can be drawn from the report perception and use of technology by the client 4.0 in the hotel sector, of the Institute of Technology Hotel (ith).

Accommodation for all tastes

While the hotel remains the most widely used type of accommodation (all respondents claim to have stayed in a hotel in the last year), going to a family member’s house or booking an apartment also has a leading role (25 and 30 percent of respondents, respectively). In addition, if attention is paid to age groups, young people are the most diversified, while older people are the most loyal to the hotel.

As for the type of trip, the holiday is predominant, above other concepts such as the cultural, the urbanite or the adventurer. This data, which in principle may seem to have nothing to do with technology, may give clues as to where the sector should be directed to attract younger customers or take advantage of business niches.

Time-appropriate technology

Asked about their use of technology in their daily lives, 70 percent of respondents say it is very high (values between 8 and 10 in the graph). Therefore, it is not surprising that it is highly valued when choosing where to stay.

Types of technology

Within the hotel sector, ITH classifies types of technology into four large groups:

  • Operational management: includes elements such as the web, booking management apps, check-in and check-out applications, comparators.
  • Connectivity: the maximum expression could be wifi, but also smart tv, digital keys or wearables.
  • Mobility and additional services: this section highlights taxi or Uber service, restaurants or shows.
  • Customer relationship: social networks, WhatsApp, chatbots, robotics or virtual reality play an important role.

Now, what are the technologies most valued by guests? Wifi appears first, followed by comparators, booking app or chatbots.

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