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How to monitor crops with technology?

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Barranquillera Ludycom developed the Agron technology platform, an innovative service with technological components to support and improve the processes of the field. Gerid García, executive director of the company spoke about this solution and the benefits it will bring to the agro.

What is Agron?

Agron is a technological solution that allows to work hand in hand with the agricultural companies in order to improve their execution, operativity and logistic responses, increasing their efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact by making efficient use of the inputs applied in the required geo-referenced areas, facilitating and adapting the use of information technologies in their internal processes, incorporating automation mechanisms for obtaining information through mobile devices and drones implementing; early detection of areas of high and low production, as well as areas at risk of pest and/or disease attacks.

How does it work?

Initially, all the geographic information taken by drones is collected and processed to generate layers of information. Agron, through its cloud platform, allows you to incorporate all the information obtained in the field with the mobile app and then make the right decisions. Among its functions are the creation of orthophotos, multispectral analysis, lotting, planning and work programming, disease and field personnel monitoring and control, asset geo-referencing, plant health activities and harvesting.

What are its benefits?

Monitor remotely and in real time, supports in the decision making process, displays the evolution of the culture at the time through the orthophoto, increases the productivity of the crop, facilitates the control of the budget, reduces the risk of spread of diseases within the crop, among many more benefits.

In which sectors of agriculture can Agron be used?

Its use can be adapted to the different sectors of Agriculture. In the agricultural sector and beekeeper is to monitor and control all activities of the life cycle and harvesting of the crop, in the livestock using GPS is accomplished by the real-time monitoring of the animals.

How is it used?

Agron is a multi-platform web and mobile solution designed to work easily. Its use covers all operational levels from field personnel to the owner of the crop.

How much does it cost to implement this platform?

The costs have three components: a unit value per hectare for the generation of orthophotos, multispectral images and geo-referencing; a value for configuration and training; and a monthly service per user using the platform, these rates vary between $40,000 and $70,000 depending on the number of users and the length of stay.

A bet to improve productivity in the field

According to Garcia, the bet with Agron is to make the use of technologies in agriculture affordable. “With the implementation of this type of platforms it can build production models that will help to improve productivity, optimize resources, monitor the financial investment in the agricultural sector, identify early warning signs of pest or diseases, and even build a map of production at the country level by type of crop”.

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