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Only 9% of Mexican students opt for science and technology

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In Mexico, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), only 9 percent of the women choose careers in science, technology, engineering or math, compared with 28 percent of men, and not to solve soon this distance, it is likely that the gender gap is expanded, warned the president of the National Institute of Women (Inmujeres), Nadine Gasman.

During the Mexican forum 4.0, convened by the French Embassy in Mexico, Nadine Gasman explained that jobs of the future will be driven by technology and innovation. In view of this, it is necessary to promote women’s participation in these sectors.

We need to give more visibility to women in the industrial and technological sector to make sure that girls who dream of inventing things, of working in technology, of being on the frontier of science, have a chance,” said the owner of Inmujeres.

She reported that at the national level, women account for 38 percent of jobs in Mexican industry, and less than one in four jobs in the new technology sector.

In view of the low presence of women in this sector, the great challenge in Inmujeres ‘ view is education, since the low presence of women in this sector relates to stereotypes that are formed at very early ages and condition the choice of studies and professional decisions.

For its part, Belén Sanz Luque, UN Women representative in Mexico, he argued that in spite of the great advances that we have of women in the educational sector, the participation rate of the mexican women in the labour market today is 43 percent, compared with 78 percent for men and women, being this one of the gaps of participation in the labour market wider to Latin America and the countries of the OECD.

The forum is aimed at Mexican women, students or professionals, graduates in science, engineering or technology, and has the support of 28 national and foreign companies, coming from six different countries (Mexico, France, Spain, United States, Sweden and the Netherlands).

At the opening ceremony were also present, among others, Marlène Schiappa, secretary of State of France for the Equality between Women and Men and the fight against Discrimination, and Anne Grillo, ambassador of France in Mexico.

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