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So is the technology that improves the voice to the singers

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For the love of God, popular English broadcaster Roman Kemp, host of Capital FM’s Capital Breakfast Program” give Madonna The Auto-Tune, ” wrote on Twitter. Thus Kemp criticized the presentation of the pop queen at the Eurovision Song Contest. For him, the singer was not getting to the notes of one of his most successful songs, Like a Prayer, it sounded bad and needed that technology to fix it.

However, that’s how the song was heard; there was Auto-Tune, but in the second song Madonna sang that night, Future. The voice was heard less natural and a little robotic, because this is the effect that is achieved with the software.

The Queen Of pop has been criticized for using this technology in some of the few songs known so far from her new album Madame X. Many, among experts and followers, say that she does not need it, as she is mezzosoprano and in her nearly 40-year career has shown that she can sing.

However, she has been using it, at least, since 2000, on her last seven albums, and she is not the only one to do so because she is not necessarily for those who need to correct her voice. The Auto-Tune seems to be the ace up the sleeve of some artists today, to what end?

Tool history

The writer Simon Reynolds, author of various books on music, among them Rip It Up, called Auto-Tune the most important innovation of the pop in the last 20 years, since Cher used it for the first time in the song Believe (1998). Reynolds, in addition, claims that this software revolutionized the history of music consumed by the masses.

Correction technology had been on the market for about a year before Believe reached the charts, but her previous appearances had been discreet, as intended by her creators, Antares Audio Technologies,” the author comments in a publication of the music medium Pitchfork.

This author tells you the theme of Cher was the first to achieve that is to put attention on that effect that he was “sparkle and excitement” to the voice of the pop singer, making the song that asked “do you Believe in life after love?” (“Do you believe in life after love?”), it will sound better.

The Auto-Tune became so popular that it was known as The Cher effect, the New Yorker culture magazine reported in 2008.

From the software it is known that it was created by engineer Andy Hildebrand, and by 2008 it had been playing for 10 years on the most popular themes of the end of the millennium and the beginning of the new, on the Queen of pop’s album Music (2000), and on those of famous hip hop artists such as T-Pain, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Currently even Shakira, who is recognized for her musical talent.

The same publication, in an article written by Sasha Frere-Jones, notes that the Auto-Tune “is used imperceptibly to correct flat or sharp notes”. And not only does it fix the tone of the voice, it distorts it when used in excess. With this intention it is part of the help of some regueton singers, who made it indispensable in this genre. Have you heard Atmosphere of J Balvin? Has Auto-Tune.

Although New York producer Tom Beaujour told Frere-Jones that he is in almost every session he works on”, and these are from different genres, such as rock and R & B.

Studio Producer Euno, Daniel Escobar, comments that when he was part of Cher’s song it was not to tune it, because he didn’t need it, but to give a special feature to the voice. Believe sounded futuristic.

It has a frequent use in regueton and urban music, they exaggerate it to make it look like an effect on the voice, Escobar says. An artist who has it in his repertoire with recurrence is Ozuna.

Also, Auto-Tune is obtained live with pedals that process the voice that is captured with the microphone, so the artist sounds as it is heard on the musical platforms.

So it’s not just a business of reguetoneros, any artist who wants to sound perfect resorts to this technology. Of course, some exaggerate, but many are already used to that effect, and they like it.

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