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Swiss technology multinational acquires 40 % of the intergroup antioqueña

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Intergroup, a company in antioquia and one of the leading providers of technology consulting and application modernization in Latin america with more than 20 years of experience in the market, announced to the multinational SoftwareONE as its new strategic partner.

Although they have not yet shared Switzerland’s participation in intergroup, this will allow the multinational SoftwareOne to position its service offer in the region and take advantage of the strength of the local company to continue strengthening it globally in the modernization and application development segment.

With the acquisition, Intergroup expects an annual growth of 15 % as it becomes an integral part of the SoftwareONE Group, world leader in digital platforms, services and solutions.

However, it will continue to act as a separate entity, led by Dario Solórzano, CEO of the Sabaneta-based company.

The joint portfolio will be available in almost 90 countries for more than 50,000 customers and allies. This is thanks to the experience of both companies and, especially, of the multinational, which has been active since 1985 in 80 countries, with 35,000 customers around the world, including global companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, academic and governmental institutions, and NGOs.

This transaction is important for the national industry because Colombia is at a time of growth and consolidation of the software and other information technology development market. In recent years, only the software sector has grown by approximately 19%. With this joint work with SoftwareONE, we hope that growth will be more accelerated.

The current challenge

Conquering the digital citizen and becoming relevant in a society that increasingly demands more digital solutions, is one of the main challenges of every company.

Precisely, one of the attractions of the intergroup for SoftwareONE is its experience in the application of the latest technological solutions, including advanced techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things, among others.

Worldwide, SoftwareONE and Intergroup customers will benefit from this powerful combination of technical skills, customer focus and innovation. Once again, we show that we are at the forefront in adopting real technology that makes a difference to our customers.

Although the amount of the transaction has not yet been disclosed, it is expected that this business will not only boost the growth of both companies, but also of a sector that in Colombia employs around 115,000 people in the country, according to Fedesoft figures, of which 1,200 direct employees are part of intergroup.

Another benefit of this union is the democratisation of technology to companies, regardless of geography, size and segmentation.

An essential contributor to digital transformation is the modernization of applications, which allows the transformation of these to native cloud technologies and brings them in line with the most modern functions and capabilities to achieve the best possible business result.

Finally, Solórzano pointed out that his company is “anxious” to contribute its experience and capabilities in the development and modernization of applications, DevOps, artificial intelligence and machine learning to the global portfolio of SoftwareONE.

We share the same passion for Culture and for the digital transformation of our customers ‘ businesses, and I am delighted that we can do it globally.

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