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The Police of Oviedo uses cutting edge technology to rebuild the outrage of Pichurry

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The local Oviedo Police carried out the reconstruction of the hit-and-run on May 26 that caused the death of José Manuel Castañón Osorio, known as “Mamel”, and placed it at the disposal of the examining magistrate’s Court. The head of citizen security of Oviedo, Ricardo Fernández, has advanced that, in order to do this, the usual steps have been followed for the “special gravity” mishaps, through the reconstruction of the scene of the accident with the PC Crash program.

Through this program, which collects data such as the weight and height of the deceased or the characteristics of the vehicle and track, among others, the agents make a “very reliable” reconstruction of what could have happened in an accident with a “fatal”result. About the same, has pointed out that “very few local police officers” have the program, among them that of Oviedo, which has Unit officers Crowded specialized in PC-Crash. José Manuel Castañón, 43, was killed at 3:30 am in the morning of the 26th of may when the vehicle he was driving Ivan G. G., Pichurry, we rolled over when it went by the street Argüelles.

The occupant of another vehicle tried to help the victim, notified the emergency services and provided the first data of the accident as Ivan G., after the impact, continued to circulate and did not stop the March. The local police were able to identify his vehicle through security cameras installed at the Campoamor Theatre, located a few meters from the crash site, and Ivan G. G. G. was arrested, six hours later, when he arrived at his home, in the neighborhood of Vallobín, in a taxi, as he had left his car parked in Colloto. Ivan G. G. he was subjected to a breathalyzer check, although the result would not have judicial validity since it was carried out six hours after the accident.

The driver who ran over José Manuel Castañón Osorio, known as “Mamel”, causing him to die on Calle Argüelles de Oviedo on May 26, has shown his regret in a letter in which he asks the family of the deceased for forgiveness. Ivan G. G. has sent a letter to Efe where, on his behalf and that of his family, he transmits “his sincere apologies and condolences” to the relatives of the deceased and assures that if he could change for him, “he would do so without hesitation”. The driver assures that he makes himself available to the family of the deceased so that, to the extent that he can, he can contribute to alleviating the “very serious effects of the outrage” which, he explains, he deeply regrets.

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